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The Misfits (1960)

It would be damned as special, “artistic.” It had a stubborn integrity. The characters resembled broken-down actors. Famous faces yet not themselves. You looked at Gay Langland and thought Wasn’t he once Clark Gable? You looked at the blond Roslyn and thought Wasn’t she Once Marilyn Monroe? You looked at the battered rodeo performer Perce Howland and thought My god! He used to be Montgomery Clift. [X]
if she turns your dials…don’t hold it against her —Tyler is this guy even real posey (via stydiasarcasm)

Favorite Films: Gilda (1946)

Dylan in Italy with fans (July 17, 2014) [x]


"Life with you could never be boring"

Happy birthday sweetheart! Enjoy the concert, enjoy Rome, eat a lot. I adore you <33

agents of shield: a summary


Tyler Posey is hosting the TCA’s

Tyler Posey hosting the TCA’s

Posey hosting the TCA’s

this is going to be;